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About our company


Kapdaclick.com is anything but just another ecommerce portal. It is a space where art meets functionality and nature twines seamlessly with culture. It is a market place where you can find it all, from the glitzy designs of the west to the creations of the unsung handicrafts artist it is all available at kapdaclick.com.

Home to a number of styles of merchandise and products, kapdaclick.com is rapidly emerging as the one-stop-shop for all your fashion and lifestyle requirements. We anticipate the requirements of customers and provide a plethora of brands for them to choose from and provide them a unique shopping experience. Are you in the market for a wedding sari, or maybe a snazzy crop top for a party, maybe you need ecofriendly books for your children, you can find it all at kapdaclick.com. If you are hunting for the right running shoes or handmade paintings for your home, look no further, all your requirements will be fulfilled at kapdaclick.com. That is not all, not only are we making available these products at some of the most affordable prices out there, we are also providing timely delivery services and a user experience that is second to none.


About our product


The idea behind kapdaclick.com is simple. We believe that those that are providing high quality products should get their due and at the same time the customers too should get what they need at the most affordable rates. If you buy a block printed sari, the artist that has made it will get much needed appreciation and motivation to keep doing so. Even if you buy a western outfit, you are helping the dream of a small retailer with great quality to spread his business across the country. For any decorative products that you might buy you get an opportunity to see the world from the artist's perspective.

The vision for kapdaclick.com is simple. We want to create an online market space where one can buy products form the best brands out there. Moreover, we combine this with impeccable service and a user experience that will leave you wanting more. We are not merely trendsetters, we are the people who make the shopping experience a mélange of tradition, fashion, art and nature and help these grow together in harmony.