Senior web developer:

- Responsibilities

- Good understanding & experience of high performance web scale & real-time response systems.

- Experience & exposure to a variety of large scale persistent systems including large databases.

- Responsible for developing high quality web applications like custom programmed Content Management Systems, e-commerce solutions.

- Developing and maintaining dynamic websites and web applications.

- Ensuring foolproof performance of the deliverable.

- Leading a team of developers and coordinating with co-developers and other related departments.

- Must be proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, XML, Core PHP & PHP as object oriented language, MySQL, jQuery, Third party API integration

- Should be well versed with OOPs development, unit testing, deployment using LAMP and related technologies, tools and best practices.

- Must have dedication and commitment towards work.

- Quick & Excellent Problem Solving skills for complex & large scale problems Must be comfortable working in fuzzy environments – where boundaries aren’t clearly defined


UI/UX Designer

We are looking for

- Excellent eye for details. Can be borderline obsessive.

- Experience in working with websites and user-interfaces.

- Super solid communication skills with the ability to express design ideas.

- Ninja level skills in using design tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator.

- Passionate about creating a user friendly, unconventional experience.

- Ability to juggle multiple tasks at a time.